Proception 6 Way UHF/VHF Coax Amplifier


Manufacturer: Proception

Product Information

2 inputs, filtered FM & DAB on the VHF input and a UHF input which has 12V preamplifier capability. 6 & 8-way version have full outputs so the system can be extended.


  • Separate filtered VHF and UHF inputs for FM radio (Band II), DAB* (Band III) and UHF TV.
  • Dual-filtered VHF inputs covering Bands II and III, with equipotential bonding point.
  • Sharp cut-off 'TETRA' filtering on UHF input helps avoid interference from nearby transmitters.
  • 12 V preamplifier line-power available at the UHF input. Rated load current 100 mA max.
  • Higher gain 'FULL' output .
  • With equipotential bonding point.



Product Code: PROAMP26

Manufacturers Product Code: PROAMP26


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