Proception Sky Infra-Red Control Eye


Manufacturer: Proception

Product Information

An infrared remote control extender 'eye' intended for controlling Sky digital satellite receivers and PVRs from remote locations. It can be used alone, for a siingle extension room wired directly from RF OUT-2 of the set-top-box, or in conjunction with a PROception distribution amplifer or hub in a comprehensive multi-outlet system. No infrared re-emission components are required for this RF based system.


  • Mk 3 Infrared Remote Receiver 'eye' has 'F' connection.
  • Unique improved design 'eye' with reduced current consumption (5 mA) to ease loading on satellite receiver or distribution amplifier power supplies.
  • Wide working voltage range - operates over 5.5 - 18 V without damage.
  • Compatible with all Sky receivers on RF OUT-2, and with all PROception distribution hubs and dual-mode amplifiers with return path facilities.
  • Red LED power indicator - a useful diagnostic aid for confirming power system integrity.
  • Discreet small form-factor eye head, supplied with self-adhesive Velcro mounting pads.


Product Code: PROSAT1EYE

Manufacturers Product Code: Prosateye


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