Self Amalgamating Tape


Manufacturer: ADVANCE

Product Information

Tape for Insulating and Waterproofing of electrical connections
ADVANCE PIB Self Amalgamating Tape AT87
0.5mm x 19mm x 10m

A non-adhesive polyisobutylene based tape with strong elastic qualities, backed by a thin film that can be stripped off cleanly and easily.

Ideal for the insulation and waterproofing of electrical connections and sealing satellite dish cabling.

- Easy unwind
- Extremely flexible
- Excellent conformability to awkward shapes
- Resistant to a wide range of chemicals including, alkalis, hydraulic fluids and vegetable oils
- Water, ozone and UV resistant
- Good high and low temperature performance
- Good voltage resistance
- Conforms to B.T.Spec. M128 Part No:071309

Colour: Black
Width: 19mm
Thickness: 0.50mm
Length: 10m
Breaking load: 20.0 N/cm
Elongation: 600%
Dielectric Strength: 17 kV/mm
Water Absorption: 0.5%
Service temp: -30 degrees C to +100 degrees C
Application Temp: 0 degrees C to +40 degrees C



Product Code: TOOL07

Manufacturers Product Code: AT87


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