Televes Diginova High Performance TV Aerial


Manufacturer: Televes

Product Information

The high performance of the Diginova is generated via a UHF Yagi type aerial with 10 elements and a BIII (DAB) and FM aerial consisting of a printed dipole,both connected to an MRD (Margin Rising Device)

Special features

It incorporates a special UHF/BIII MRD Multiplexor. This means that:

  • If no additional amplification is needed, the aerial can operate in passive mode.
  • Whilst working in passive mode the TV signal reception will not be influenced as the MRD will not attenuate signals.
  • When the MRD becomes active (powered) it creates a UHF gain of 13dB, giving amplification for weak/marginal signal areas.
  • The small size of the aerial makes it discrete and easy to handle.
  • Ease of mounting for the installer.
  • The rear of the aerial incorporates the clamp/reflector assembly, its design notably
    improves and eases the clamping system. It also enables the installation of vertical and horizontal
  • The UHF aerial has a Yagi 10 element type structure, consisting of
    an alloy reflector, a dipole and 8 directors on a new-generation printed circuit board.

    * To use the MRD a suitable power supply must be used i.e. Televes 5501



More Infomation from Televes Diginova PDF File


Reference  144111 
 Band Ch.  FM  BIII UHF 
 Amplifier gain dB 0 13 13
 Output level  dBµV - Auto-regulated
 Power supply  mA 32@12Vdc - 42@24Vdc
 Wind load Km/h 130 150
N/m2 69,6 95,7

Product Code: AETV1441

Manufacturers Product Code: 144111


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