Webro WF100 Cable 30 Mtrs


Manufacturer: Webro

Product Information

WF100 TV Coax is the UK’s best selling digital approved TV-Satellite coaxial cable...why?
Simply because it is installed and trusted by the largest to the smallest TV & Satellite installation companies in the UK and Ireland and used by Sky TV for all their domestic installations.

WF100 was specified and used by  the BBC for the TV system at their White City offices. WF100 has also been and continues to be specified and used within Housing authorities, hotel chains, caravan sites and many more buildings and locations, too numerous to mention. All have Webro WF100 installed and working for many years throughout the UK.

WF100 was first introduced in 1995. Having a solid physical foam dielectric, injected with inert nitrogen gas, which helps to maintain its consistently high signal transmission levels.

The dielectric also makes WF100 coax cable more robust and less susceptible to kinking during installation ensuring the signals passed through have the clearest path possible.

  • CAI Approved
  • 1mm solid copper core
  • copper braid
  • copper foil
  • 6.8mm diameter
  • solid foam core to prevent water ingress
  • suitable for Sky and Freesat
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Product Code: CABWF30MTR

Manufacturers Product Code: WF100


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